The Hanged Man Company specializes in creating wildly,romantic and whimsical floral design for wedding, events and art installations.
Our goal is to make one feel at transcended my Nature's Beauty as much as is humanly possible.
We use primarily locally foraged and gleaned materials in our work for a truly authentic natural experience.
Not to mention much more environmentally sound impact on the earth.

Individual arrangements are available upon request for delivery or pick up on a case by case basis.


The practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.

Tarot and Palms Reader Matthew Drewry Baker offers intuitive and insightful readings to assist in the illumination of questions regards Life, Love, Career Paths and Pyshicic Awareness. Sessions with Matthew are available through appointments at The Hanged Man Co. shop in Oakland and for hire at parties and special events. Be sure to ask about Divinations Dinners!
You can make a private appointment via the schedular below.